free printing quoteNo matter what type of printed materials you need, one of the most important factors that has to be considered is the amount you will have to pay for the print job, or the total printing expenses. Of course, this is vital, because you’re not sure as to whether there will be print providers who will take your orders at absolutely no cost whatsoever. Although there are some digital online printing companies that offer reviews and certain services for free, do not automatically assume that the printer you have chosen does.

  • Still, ordering a printing price quote and knowing the estimated costs will help you in ways greatly beneficial to you:
  • Gives you an exact idea of the price you will have to pay. Thus, enabling to you find potential means and ways on how you can cut back on your expenses.
  • Once you ask for a printing price quote, you will be provided with a form wherein you will state your exact specifications for the print job. This aids the printer in determining the expenses your order will entail, and gives them the chance to asses whether they have the right equipment and supplies for the job.

Getting a printing price quote will save you time. And the form is available for free too!

So remember, never forget to ask for a printing price quote for all your print jobs; definitely it pays to know your would-be expenses in advance.

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Printed Materials and how they can benefit your Business.


Have your customers remember you every time they write down a note.



Direct Mail Flyers

A direct mail Flyer should be very specific, and it should state a specific benefit to the recipient to encourage them to take action.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

As your business grows, you need marketing and sales collateral to distribute to clients:

  • Product/service brochures and leaflets
  • Training material

Business Cards

business cards

Help your customers remember you with professional business cards.